Welcome to SERT! The fact that you've landed here means that you have purchased one of our products. We sincerely thank you for your support. Quality is our top goal. Quality materials, quality manufacturing and quality customer service experience.

Ownership of a new product is always exciting but it helps to know that the manufacturer (us) stands behind our products should any issues occur. In the almost two (2) decades that the SERT brand has been around, we have had a warranty return rate of less than 0.5%! That's 1 return for every 200 sold, waaaaaay below the industry standard. But for the 1 that has any issue, we are here to standby our products with our after-sales services.

For additional information on our warranty AND hassle free return policy, please see the below links:




Online reviews are important to any business.  If you post an honest review of the SERT product(s) you've purchased and forward it to us for verification (via EMAIL), we will send you a rebate through PayPal or check for 10% of the purchase price.  A small "Thank You" for taking the time to help us know how we are doing and helping others make an informed decision.






REVIEWS - we always encourage and appreciate honest reviews of our products. As a Thank You for leaving a review wherever you purchased our product, we will send you a coupon code that can be used on your next SERT product purchase.   Just send us a link (email) of your review and we will reply with the promised coupon code! (coupon code will be limited to a single use)


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