PLEASE NOTE: ***Contract Manufacturing Only.  We do not offer individual custom services.

SERT has been actively producing tactical gear, bags & cases, accessories and apparel in Vietnam since 1998. With our own design and production studio in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, we have risen to be the epicenter of quality manufacturing. In a short period of time, our studio has evolved from producing bags for the consumer market to extremely technical products for the law enforcement and military industry. 

Companies have used SERT to help keep their products out of other offshore development studios due to potential industrial espionage. Most of the companies in our industry are developing products in the same offshore factories as their competitors. But using SERT for product design, development and ultimately production, it will help ensure that your new designs will remain under wraps for as long as possible.

Our team on the ground in HCMC comprises of individuals with extensive background in manufacturing. The studio manager, head technician and QC supervisor alone have more than 40 years of collective experience.  The team currently handles our  in-house brands SERT and Alpha One Niner, and was instrumental in the development of other commercial clients to include Sneaky Bags and Paladin.

We focus on the following:

  • Backpacks - medical packs, day packs, technical backpacks, expedition backpacks, and messenger style bags
  • Military Design – Tactical and Law Enforcement, as well as product designs for EMS (Emergency Medical Service) and SAR (Search and Rescue) products.
  • Luggage


  • Design Process
  • Product Development
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • OEM
  • Private Labeling

Design Process:

Have a product in mind but don’t have rendered drawing? Have a drawing but its not complete?  We can help with your design concepts.

Product Development:

An idea, maybe even a sample has already been made but issues have been found.  Our very talented technicians are available to help with finding creative solutions to any design problems.


The prototype will be nearly identical to the model but will be a fully usable product. This is your generation one prototype. This product can be modified before or after beta testing.


We can work with your seasonal ordering cycles to guarantee timely delivery of your super high quality product.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacture:

Your design, your logo, your product.

It is up to the you, the client, to decide which of our services you would require. We take your product and deliver the finished merchandise to your distribution hub on time and on budget. And if more is required, we would integrate the design process into the development and implementation of the manufacturing process, ensuring that your idea is turned into the product that you envision, and that conceptual integrity is maintained throughout.

Private Labeling:

The use of one of SERT's archived designs or existing products under the client's own label. SERT makes any of our designs, that are a year or older, available for Private Labeling. The client does not own the design and production must be made by SERT.  The client is no longer allowed to use that design with their name and logo attached should they decide to produce elsewhere. 

Should the client wants to 'tweak' one of our designs to better suit their market a product development fee will be charged.  The development fee may be credited at production based on the quantity of products produced.  Should the client decide not to produce after the product development phase, ALL existing product samples will be returned to us immediately.

Manufacturing gear that is durable and able to withstand pressure like tactical gear and luggage is our forte. Our focus is on design and quality that leads to guaranteed satisfaction and has a less than 0.5% rate of return for warranty.

For more information, please call us at +1.703.670.8001 or email us here.