Here at SERT we have a strong background in the design, product development and production of tactical gear for law enforcement and military. We also provide custom designed gear to these end users. By blending our entrepreneurial spirit with an understanding of the markets we serve, the company has grown steadily to become a well respected contributor to the industry.

The values of SERT are reflected in our motto “From Those Who Listen To Those Who Serve”.

Our products are currently in use by the following departments, units & agencies:

  • FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team)
  • Marine 4th Force Recon Battalion
  • US Drug Enforcement Agency
  • US Coast Guard Special Mission Training Center
  • Department of Energy
  • US Air Force
  • Department of National Defence of Canada
  • Singapore Police Force, S.T.A.R (Special Tactics & Rescue)
  • Singapore Police Force, Gurkha Contigent
  • Malaysian Navy, PASKAL

SERT also provides complete integration of your unit’s kit & gear requirements and all other procurement needs. We support a broad array of clientele in the defense industry, national security, law enforcement, search and rescue, fire and safety and private security sectors by providing mission critical equipment, product sourcing, acquisition solutions, contracting expertise as well as offering a wide range of support services.

No matter where the equipment or supplies are required, we will facilitate the shipment process whether it is CONUS or OCONUS. 

SUZY KIM, President